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Clients always have big plans to update their website frequently. They know they need to keep things fresh for their clients and for the search engines, so they always want a blog. During the process of designing a site a type of blindness sets in that makes them forget that they already have more than enough work to do each day, but once the site is live and constant updates become one of their daily chores, they get stressed. Because that’s when it really sinks in that not only do they need to write those frequent updates, but that they need to write blog posts that are more than just “we had another good day today selling widgets.” In fact, they need blog posts that drive actual traffic to their website.

Luckily for them, WordTracker Academy has added a new article called “How to make your blog brilliant” that has some good tips. It won’t put extra hours in their day (or in yours) but it will help them create more targeted content in the hours they have.