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We’ve been in business since 1995, and have examples of projects we are proud of from a lot of different clients. To keep the portfolio gallery from bogging down we’ve broken it out into categories. You can click on an image to see it full size, and once you’re in the pop-up gallery you can scroll left or right through all the images on this page.

Web Site Design

We’ve designed websites for startups and established companies, for services and for products. Some sites were html-only, some used WordPress to manage content, and others used .net or ColdFusion databases to generate pages on the fly.

HTML Email Design

Most of our graphical HTML email has been for online stores, but we’ve also designed html email newsletters and flyers for clients who sell face-to-face.

Banners, Posters, and Trade Show Graphics

Standing out at an event or tradeshow and drawing an audience to your booth or store is always a challenge, and we’ve created a large number of interested pieces to help clients meet that challenge.

Brochures, Flyers, and Business Cards

Whether sent by mail, handed out at events, or used during in-person meetings, printed marketing collateral is still a very useful part of a company’s marketing arsenal.

Logo/Branding Design

Creating the perfect personal or corporate brand requires the ability to translate a clients’ vision of their company into a shorthand representation of that company’s core personality.

Product Photography

Good photography helps sell products and services. We specialize in taking well-lit images that enhance our print or online designs. For more information on our product and food photography services, please see Two Harts Photography.

Web and Print Advertisements

We’ve designed both web-based banner ads (in many different sizes) and ads for use in print. We’ve done a few ads with animation, but our specialty is creating strong static designs that can easily be re-done in a variety of sizes and shapes when your advertising needs change.

Other Printed Items

We excel at full-service design, which means you don’t need to find another vendor if you need something outside the main categories above but want it to fit perfectly with your existing website, banner, or brochure.

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