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Long-term client Quantum Polymers wanted a trade show booth that featured the original collage we’d designed for their printed marketing materials. However the booth was 10′ tall and 10′ wide, and the graphic we’d created was only 12 inches wide by 9 inches tall. Even if there’d been time in the schedule to recreate the collage at a larger size, we were limited by the size of some of the source materials they’d provided for the collage, and we didn’t see a way to create a big enough graphic. After a discussion with the company producing their booth about dpi and print quality, we took the collage into Adobe Illustrator and used the Live Trace feature to create a vector version of our complicated collage. We then resized the vector version and placed portions of the enlarged graphic into four tall stripes on the wall of the booth. The vector version lacked the detail of the smaller collage, and looked very “painterly” at that large size, giving their trade show booth a unique feel.

Trade Show Booth graphic design