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One way to increase your standings in the search engines and to connect with your website and blog visitors is to create content they actually want to read. A lot of companies think that a regular schedule of posting “we worked on project X and project Y, and can’t wait to deliver them to our customers” will be good reading. Is that type of dry and useless announcement why you read blogs? It isn’t for most people.

My favorite blog is Seth Godin’s blog. His posts are short, to the point, and thought-provoking. Yes, he does pitch his books and services — he’s not just providing information as though he was a philanthropist. But he’s also encouraging us to like the way he thinks…which in turn makes us want to read more about what he thinks, so we buy his books.

If you’re in the business of selling products, don’t just tell us what you sell. Tell us how to use it, where to store it, how often to clean it, and what to do when it isn’t working correctly. Think outside of that lovely little box you package your product in and share information that isn’t straight off a data sheet or press release. And if you personally can’t write like that, there are plenty of writers in this world who can and who would love to write solid content for you — not just SEO shills who use a program where they plug in keywords and out comes a bland, lifeless paragraph with more keywords than sense, but skilled professionals who care as much about words as you care about your product or service.

If you want to go the DIY route instead of hiring a writer, Hubspot has a good article on writing content.