Throwback Thursday — 1996

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in business since 1995, but we can actually prove it, thanks to the internet itself! Our original business name of Hart Consulting (picked in the 15 minutes I had available to register a name with the city of Mountain View California, so no time for creative naming) may be long gone, but the Wayback Machine still exists.

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has archived “snapshots” of websites from as far back as 1995. It’s funny to see how primitive layout and design was back then. And here we thought we were pretty darned trendy to be using tables in such a sophisticated manner. Here are some screenshots of our October 1996 website as captured by the Wayback Machine.

screenshot of 1995 portfolio

We thought our design portfolio was pretty trendy for it’s day.

screenshot #2 of design portfolio

At least we added a few logos to the text further down the page.

screenshot # 3 of portfolio

Look! More text! We weren’t really getting the handle on the whole “show not tell” thing yet.


At least we were consistent — still more text describing our projects

Oregon Logo Design | Logo for Tee Shirt Company

We just finished this logo for a brand new tee shirt company out of Canada. This was a very quick project since the company already had their initial batch of designs to screen print and wanted the logo to go on the shirts and on their packaging. The young founder wanted the logo design to include both bar bells or weights and the handlebars of a typical BMX bike. Tamra created about 20 rough sketches the day we took on the project, the client picked the one shown in the image, and we created the final logo over two days with a couple more rounds of slight revisions to get it exactly how they wanted it.

Logo design project

Logo design for tee shirt company specializing in sport-oriented designs

Seasonal advertisements

As you go about advertising your product or service keep in mind that you don’t need to have every ad be about a discount — sometimes you can get great traction just from combining an announcement about a new product with an ad that reflects the time of year or the nearest holiday. We created a set of coordinating ads to be used on Facebook, in an html email, on the website, and as part of the footer for the regular html news announcements that this client sends out.

new gear ad for html email to customers

This image went out to customers as a stand-alone html email.

advertisement for website

This image appears on the client’s home page and on several sub pages to draw internal clicks to their online store.


Custom Coupon Cards

New and old fans alike have picked up a variety of business card-sized coupons at the Flying Lizard Motorsports booth over the past 6 years. We’ve designed cards with coupon codes, cards with scratch-off areas showing a prize, and cards that could be redeemed for free lanyards or stickers. FLMS has given out the cards at race tracks ranging from Atlanta to Utah and even in France during the 24 Hours of le Mans. Most of the cards have been printed by but we’ve also used a couple of specialty vendors for the scratch-off cards.

We’ve designed both stand-alone cards showing off their latest store items on blocks of solid colors, and cards that featured graphical elements from their art cars (designed by skateboard artist Troy Lee) and other team graphics. The goal is to create cards that interest the fans enough to take the time to go to the website and redeem the code, or go to the physical booth at the track and turn the card in for a prize. The client has been very pleased with the store results and with their growing base of fans.

rounded corner coupon

these cards offered a free lanyard to fans at the track

design of coupon card in two languages

card in two languages showing map

two cards with discount offer for online store

set of two cards with discount code for online store

OSBEELS Newsletter

We designed a custom InDesign template for OSBEELS (Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying), and produced multiple issues of their newsletter for print and the view online. In addition to placing the text they provided in the template, the regular issues required creation of custom 3D charts showing results of various state tests. We also found stock imagery for their general information articles.