Seasonal advertisements

As you go about advertising your product or service keep in mind that you don’t need to have every ad be about a discount — sometimes you can get great traction just from combining an announcement about a new product with an ad that reflects the time of year or the nearest holiday. We created a set of coordinating ads to be used on Facebook, in an html email, on the website, and as part of the footer for the regular html news announcements that this client sends out.

new gear ad for html email to customers

This image went out to customers as a stand-alone html email.

advertisement for website

This image appears on the client’s home page and on several sub pages to draw internal clicks to their online store.


SEO Factors for Web Site Design

There’s a new article out that talks about some of the SEO ranking factors for Google. To me the most interesting bit is in the first paragraph, where it states that the volume of Facebook and Twitter shares of a web page will help a web page rank. Why is this interesting? Because the most shared item on FB has to be photos of kittens. Not business info, not product info, but cat photos. Especially funny cat photos.

Much as I love cats, I’d hate to think that the way to game the system is to put a caption on a cat photo, upload it to my blog, and hope it goes viral. (And I have to admit that the temptation to test that by uploading a photo of one of my six cats is pretty much overwhelming.) But knowing the “I want results now” attitude of most of the human race, I’m fully expecting that the volume of blog posts on funny cat photos and twitter posts about those posts will be pretty much grow exponentially over the next few months as people try to get around the latest Google changes.