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We’ve been creating and building web sites since 1995. That was back when all the “web design” you could do involved inserting images between lines of text, and aligning the text left, right, or center. The web has changed a lot since then, and we’ve kept up with the technology, and with the trends.

Web design
Website for high tech startup

For example, our website (the one you’re reading) is a WordPress template, and instead of designing from scratch we’re using a template someone else designed so that we’d have the same experience as our clients have in dealing with the limits a template can put on the design. We enjoy designing and building from scratch, but potential clients also need to know that we can take the template they already have picked out, and run with it — and the best way to show that we can do that is to build our own site the same way we’d build theirs. We’ve also spent time working with site builders like Adobe Muse, and have built a personal site in Muse so we could check out the pros and cons.

web and graphic design for legal firm
Website for IP lawyers.

Of course if you need a from-scratch web design we can still do that, and can maintain those sites as well. We use a variety of tools to build and code our sites, and test in multiple browsers (but focus on the most recent versions of those browsers). Do you need a mobile version of your website to be up to Google’s latest changes? We can do that too.


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