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Single image headers are very popular on the web and in print as well as on social media. But sometimes a single giant image just isn’t enough to convey your message. That’s when clients should consider using a collage.

Orange collage for networking company
Collage for computer networking startup.


Many designers use the word “collage” to describe any graphic with more than one image. Here at Crendo we classify images as “storyboards” when they have separate images in boxes, or cut-out images that are floating on a background with no “blending” used.

Website design showing multiple images in a storyboard layout.
We designed this website header to show multiple images in a storyboard.


Advertisement with multiple photos
Advertisement with multiple elements but no blending.

We define our custom branded collages as having multiple source images with a careful blending of layers, as well as use of masking/erasing to hide parts of the individual images, with the goal of creating a single graphic that conveys a complex topic.

Custom montage for website header
This collage was designed to show some of the end-uses of the client’s products.

Collages can be used as a main thematic image for a website or other marketing, and are especially useful to companies with complex products or services.

collage for print brochure
Outside of tri-fold brochure showing collage spanning 2 panels

A smaller portion of the full collage can often be used for advertisements or social media posts.

Collage using chip and electronics
Collage by itself
Flier using elements and section of collage
Elements from the Metta collage were re-purposed for this job flier to give it a similar look-and-feel.

If the collage is designed with enough resolution for print it can also be used for larger printed items, such as posters or even trade show booth backgrounds.

close up of branded collage
Collage close-up
Trade Show Booth graphic design
Mock up of a trade show booth design using montage

Would your business benefit from a collage?

That depends on your brand and the concepts you want to communicate. Clients who benefit most from a custom branded montage are those with product lines or services where saying “I build X” doesn’t communicate enough information. Small startups who are still exploring a direction and larger firms with multiple target audiences can also benefit from the more complex messages a collage can convey.

close up of collage
Collage close-up showing detail

As with most marketing decisions the choice of using a collage as part of your marketing comes down to how well the visual fits your brand. The Crendo style of collage tends to be colorful with heavy use of texture and layering.

branded collage of team photos
Collage of team photos used for CD face

Are you interested in getting a custom branded collage or montage made for your business? Give Tamra a call at 503-580-2895. All of our collages are designed for print at 300 dpi. Pricing is based on the total square inch dimensions of the final collage plus the cost for any specialty stock images you want used.