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We recently finished a really fun little Powerpoint project that we’re really happy with. Unfortunately, we can’t show you any of it, and can’t even hint about the subject matter. Like many of the projects we’ve done for technology companies, this project was completed under an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). We’ve worked for many high-tech firms (especially those in competitive market areas) that require NDAs for projects involving not-yet-released products, changes to existing products that have not yet been announced to the media, and so on.

We can say that this was the second PowerPoint presentation we’ve worked on for internal presentations at Symantec. And we can say that this one was done on an especially short deadline. And that it was done for people who already know PPT and who are perfectly capable of creating their own builds and animations, but who wanted something just a tad bit more professional looking for this specific presentation.

We sourced some stock technology images as a starting point, then proceeded to take bits and pieces from the different source files, mask them and change some colors and orientation in Photoshop, and re-combine them in PowerPoint. By using stock from a single person who had a large library of similar images for sale we were able to keep the look-and-feel of the presentation very cohesive. Masking was required to make sure the elements were on a transparent background when saved out so that there was the option in Powerpoint of having them overlay each other or animate-in without a white box covering up something else on the slide.

Do you have an important presentation coming up, but either don’t have the time or don’t have the Photoshop chops to create the elements you need for a truly compelling visual? Give us a call.