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Technology is constantly changing, and our skills need to keep up. But that’s not what this is about — it’s about learning all the other stuff, not just the technical bits.

Bruce has been busy re-learning golf. His work with Tailored Solutions has helped him learn a lot about everything from building apps to incorporating a signature pad into a technical solution, but it’s the golf that has him smiling these days. He was a dedicated golfer in his younger days, and when the folks at Tailored hired him on they also dragged him out golfing again. Twenty years after the last time he worked toward a handicap he’s hard at work again. The downside is the garage is cluttered with golf equipment again, but the upside is that fresh air, exercise, and stress relief all at the same time makes for great weekends. And as an added bonus Tamra’s camera has been getting a huge workout on the golf course, which is a fun challenge from doing studio photography for clients.

Golf photo
Bruce at Seaside Golf Course

But it’s not just photography that Tamra is working on. She’s taking a multitude of classes this month to expand her creative side. The Make It In Design summer school program in surface pattern design, a class called “Draw 21 Days” that challenges with a new illustration exercise every weekday for 3 weeks, and Creative Live classes in both surface design and photo compositing. She’s also working on digital paintings of some of the golf photos, and has even pulled out the paints this summer.

watercolor of Tardis
watercolor painting

We love to learn and grow, and we’re very happy that 2014 has given us so many opportunities to expand our skills.