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We just finished up a flier design that was repurposed as an html email. The client, a commercial bakery in California, needed fast turn around and asked us to create something with a similar look to a flier they created in-house. We took their InDesign file and set up a custom grid, then added paragraph styles and character styles. We used images from a recent photoshoot we did for their website, and we repurposed their website copy to create a first draft of the flier. The client provided some text changes, and we then uploaded the final PDF to FedExOffice last night for pickup this morning, and all 300 copies will go out with orders over the next couple of days. We then took the final design and created a 600 pixel wide jpg for use at Constant Contact, and the matching email will be in their clients’ in-boxes tonight.

Custom flyer design
Flier created in InDesign for print and also used in an HTML email.