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According to Tech Crunch, Facebook is testing having sponsored posts show up in the news feeds of total strangers. This is a a dramatic change from their standard of only having posts show up to people who have liked you. It may change the current practice of buying likes, which has become a big thorn in Facebook’s mighty paw. This may cut down on the number of contests that are swamping people’s news feeds — have you seen those yet? One big prize, several small ones, all donated by the vendors involved, and to enter you use the blog widget to “like” all the vendors involved then post on the blog stating what you’ve done. I entered several before realizing that my Facebook feed had become cluttered with posts from vendors I had no interest in…and more importantly, from vendors who were in contest after contest and who wanted me to go like every vendor in each contest. So, if this new method of paying for viewable posts works out for Facebook, we’ll see ads from companies who pay to play, rather than a feed full of contest invitations — sounds equally cluttered to me.