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Last week we spent some time updating a long-term clients’ website with new links to press releases, new client quotes on the testimonials page, and new items added to their long list of clients and associated products. We do maintenance updates like this every few months for this client, a busy software company that doesn’t want the overhead of a web person in-house. But the big addition to their website for this round of changes is a small box that shows 29 different quotes from satisfied customers of theirs on a scrolling basis. Client quotes are a big part of their marketing, and the company wanted a way to see more than just a couple of the quotes on the home page without changing the entire site design.

Since their website was built by hand using older html (we’ve been maintaining it for nearly 10 years) we couldn’t just search for a WordPress plugin. Luckily Dynamic Drive had something in their code library that we could use.

The “Pausing up-down Scroller” was last updated in 2006, which made it a good match for the website tech (since we didn’t want to break anything). The code chunk included options that allowed us to make the background color match and set the fonts (using CSS). But the client wanted their scroller to work a little differently from the default so we had to dive into the code and modify it a bit. Thanks to Bruce’s smokin’ hot programming skills, this scroller now starts at a random spot in the list of 29 quotes every time the page is loaded, so even though it scrolls through the quotes in order each site visitor may start the scroll anywhere from quote 1 to quote 29. The site has been tested on modern browsers as well as on older browsers (yes, we still have a machine for testing on things that aren’t the latest and greatest) and the scroller looks good and loads quickly in all of the browsers we tested it in.

the quote box in action
Javascript-based customized scrolling quote box


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