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Although some of our design clients have photos at hand for use in their marketing, others hire us to take product photos for use in their online stores, trade show booth fliers, or product brochures. We’re set up to handle a wide variety of products, and have experience photographing everything from tee shirts and hats to jewelry to complicated multi-item product lines. A recent B2B photography client needed custom product photography for the Amazon Store we created for him. His products are used by autosports race teams and auto enthusiasts alike. The products arrived in two large boxes (one of them very heavy) and the items needed to be photographed on a white background.

Custom product photography for autosports company
A collage of the product photography for an online store, all images shot in our studio.

We photographed these products in our Salem, Oregon studio. For the black triangle piece, we needed to show it from two different directions to give the user a better idea of the size and shape. We also needed to photograph it with the extra “hands off” adaptor attached, which required reading up on how to attach it since it came shipped separately. This product was photographed using continuous lights, and carefully positioned to to highlight the shape. We sent the client straight out of camera images to review the position/angle and make sure he approved before the image was retouched.

The second product is the large group of steel items with the four yellow connectors seen in the collage, and this group of elements needed to be photographed from above with everything in a specific layout. We used our C-Stand as a boom to place our XPro-1 directly above the carefully laid-out grouping. We also used a timer delay to allow us to hold the pole (edited out in post) that kept the yellow cross pieces upright since they don’t stand on their own. We went through a couple of rounds of layout changes (sending the product photos to the client for review, then having him as for items to be moved) before getting the final image approved.

All of these images were then masked in photoshop to make sure the background was 100% white, and the various tools we used for positioning the items were edited out, giving the client a set of clean on-white images. Once we finish all retouch and the product images are 100% approved by the client we then ship the products back to the warehouse in their original packaging so they can be sold. You can see the photos in action in at the Smart Racing Products online store.

Our custom product photography prices include all the retouching and the time for packaging and mailing the items back to the client if they’re not local. For Salem and Portland clients we also offer the option of sitting in during the photo session to art direct and review the photos as they’re taken. Our goal is to create images that show the products clearly, cleanly, and accurately. For clothing, jewelry, and accessories we also can hire models to show the products as they would be worn or used.

Whether you’re local or remote, we’d be happy to create custom product photos that will help sell your products. Give us a call if you’d like us to write a proposal.