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New and old fans alike have picked up a variety of business card-sized coupons at the Flying Lizard Motorsports booth over the past 6 years. We’ve designed cards with coupon codes, cards with scratch-off areas showing a prize, and cards that could be redeemed for free lanyards or stickers. FLMS has given out the cards at race tracks ranging from Atlanta to Utah and even in France during the 24 Hours of le Mans. Most of the cards have been printed by but we’ve also used a couple of specialty vendors for the scratch-off cards.

We’ve designed both stand-alone cards showing off their latest store items on blocks of solid colors, and cards that featured graphical elements from their art cars (designed by skateboard artist Troy Lee) and other team graphics. The goal is to create cards that interest the fans enough to take the time to go to the website and redeem the code, or go to the physical booth at the track and turn the card in for a prize. The client has been very pleased with the store results and with their growing base of fans.

rounded corner coupon
these cards offered a free lanyard to fans at the track
design of coupon card in two languages
card in two languages showing map
two cards with discount offer for online store
set of two cards with discount code for online store