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A collection of some of the brochures and fliers we’ve designed. Some of our clients have wanted a brochure design specifically for four-color (CMYK) printing on offset presses, while others have wanted designs they could take to a local copy shop and print off in small quantities. Trifold brochures and self-mailers (with a panel for an address and postage) have also been popular over the years.

The one thing that has been fairly consistent over the years is that technical clients (whether software or hardware) seem to like a lot of blue in their brochure designs — going with the color theory standard of the color blue representing business and conservative choices. We try to make sure our brochure designs are consistent with the clients’ logo and standard branding, even when the brochure is for a one-time thing (like a conference the company is sponsoring).

For local clients we can also provide photography services. Photographs of everything from your building’s sign to your businesses interior design can help to really personalize the information you’re presenting in your brochure.

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