About Crendo

We’ve been in the business of providing custom print and web design for over 18 years.


Our two-person team works happily with your in-house team and with other external vendors. Our job isn’t to create something that wins prizes, it’s to design and develop something that gets you more customers or that makes your job easier.

We’ve been building websites since before IE was released, and designing usable interfaces and useful print materials with versions of products that are now on museum shelves. That doesn’t mean we’re old and stuffy and rant about the “old days” however — we’re just past the stage of needing every project to be about us and our portfolio. Even if all you need is someone to update your website or brochure with your new phone number, we’re up for that.

If you have a project that needs to get done, call us. Let’s talk. — Bruce Hart & Tamra Heathershaw-Hart



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P.S. We don’t just do graphic design, we’re also photographers, and our design clients often hire us to do product and building photos.  We also photograph corporate events and graduations.

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